"Dr. Condon performed a small miracle on my foot 17 years ago. After 2 unsuccessful foot surgeries with a different surgeon, I had my third and final bunionectomy with Dr. Condon. Prior to this third surgery I was unable to ski, walk or live comfortably. 17 years ago and countless marathons and several ultramarathons later my feet continue to be pain free and I am able to do anything sport-related with ease. Additionally, the orthotics he made continue to keep my feet in top shape. Thank you Dr. Condon." ~ Natalie

"I recently visited Dr. Condon for heel pain. Dr. Condon performed an ultrasound on my heel in his office. He quickly diagnosed the problem and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Dr. Condon advised me to wear a splint and offered several options as to where I could purchase one, which included his office for convenience. I have visited Dr. Condon in the past and highly recommend him for any foot related problem you may have." ~ Ken H.

"I developed severe pain in the bottom of my foot over a weekend.  I was set to take a business trip the following Monday, and couldn't imagine doing that with my foot hurting.  I called Dr Condon and he met me down at his office (on a Sunday!), did an examination, ultrasound, and diagnosed my pain as a neuroma.  He gave me an injection that provided me with immediate pain relief so I was able to go on my trip pain free.  Two weeks later, I am still feeling great.  I highly recommend Dr Condon.  He was flexible with his schedule, thorough and detailed with his exam, and clearly explained what was wrong in a way I could understand.  He got rid of my pain and even gave me suggestions for how to avoid neuromas in the future.  Thanks!" ~  M.L.B.

"I developed plantar fasciitis though years of playing tennis. I have seen various Podiatrists that just went through the motions of cortisone injections etc. After being seen by Dr. Condon he was able to explain exactly what the issues were and recommend the best solution for me. Dr. Condon showed me how to tape my foot so I can play the sport I love, pain free without injections or an operation. Since I trust Dr. Condon with my feet, I have also had a successful in-grown toe nail procedure. Thanks!" ~ K.M.

"Big Thanks to Dr. Condon!  I had a plantar wart on the stepping part of my heel that was causing me excruciating pain, to the point that I was walking with a limp and did not dare to run.  After trying home remedies for several weeks and watching the wart grow, it was clear that I needed some professional help.  Dr. Condon gave several options for treating the wart, explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each.  I appreciated the extra time he took to make sure I was comfortable with my treatment and his professional manner.  Dr. Condon successfully removed the wart and I am back to enjoying the active Tahoe lifestyle once again.  I highly recommend Dr. Condon to anyone looking for a podiatrist."

"I had suffered from plantar fasciitis for years. I tried everything offered to me including ice, ibuprofen, inserts, night time braces and steroid injections with little to no relief. I was excited when I was offered a shock wave therapy. The results are nothing short of a miracle. There were 3 treatments each a week apart. After the second treatment, I could begin to feel a decrease in pain. Within a few days after the third treatment, I had just minimal pain and within a couple of weeks, I had no pain. I continue to be pain free a month later." ~ Erica C.