Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (aka EPAT, Extracorporeal Radial Shockwave Therapy)

We are proud to introduce this noninvasive in-office technology to the Truckee and North Tahoe region. We feel this modality will be a valuable adjunct to our customized treatment plans for overuse injuries in general and more specifically; plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy. We are hoping to make stubborn foot injuries a thing of the past. EPAT is used extensively in Europe and Canada, and utilizes a proprietary technology based on a unique set of pressure waves that stimulate regeneration of injured tissue by a process know as angiogenisis and neurogenesis. Research indicates that results are equal to that of surgical outcomes and platelet enriched plasma treatments, while providing the patient with lower cost of service and no recovery downtime or loss from work. This FDA approved technology can treat a broad range of acute and chronic muscle and / or tendon insertion injuries such Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, posterior tibial dysfunction pain, tibialis anterior syndrome and other enthesiopathies (bone and soft connective tissue interface injuries).

Is it safe?

This FDA approved technology was developed in Europe and extensive clinical studies have confirmed its safety and efficacy. The device is made by Karl Storz, an industry leader which specialize in operating room and medical instrumentation used throughout the world. Many professional sports and Olympic teams utilize this technology in rehabilitation programs for their injured athletes.

What are the expected results:

Studies indicate successful outcomes (pain free or and significant reduction in pain) in 80 percent of the cases. In some cases, pain relief is immediate after treatment, however you should expect maximal results 4-6 weeks after treatment. You can expect to resume regular activities 24-48 hours after treatment. Gradual introduction to more specific, provocative activities will be implemented as the course of treatment progresses. Typically, 3-5 treatment sessions are required and these are typically less than 15 minutes long. Some mild discomfort may be experienced during and immediately after treatment.

Benefits of EPAT:
  • Patients are immediately full weight bearing with no loss of work
  • Time efficient, safe and effective, noninvasive treatments performed in our office
  • No incision – no risk of infection or scar formation, no cast boot required.
  • Does not require anesthesia (in most cases)
  • Cost effective when compared to surgical and PRP treatments, as well as insurance plans with large deductibles and large co-pays
Conditions that may not be compatible with EPAT therapy:

History of anti coagulation therapy, metastatic cancer, or patients with pacemakers. Also, no EPAT will be performed on an tissue treated by cortisone injection within 6 weeks or any patient who has taken NSAIDS (ibuprofen/aspirin or aleve) within one week.


Insurance does not cover EPAT therapy, however the treatment has been covered by Health Savings Accounts or flexible spending plans. Click here to download our EPAT fee schedule. Prior to any EPAT treatments, Dr. Condon will perform an injury specific examination and history to decide if EPAT might be helpful in treating your injury, (this exam is typically billed to your insurance). Call us at 530 587 7790 to schedule your appointment and see if EPAT is right for you.

Learn More:

Download the Curamedix EPAT brochure

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